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About Us

Jai Bajrang Steels continues to be the fastest-growing company in the entire construction industry. Our company is driven by the ambition of being the world leader and expanding globally. JBS is the primary provider of economical and efficient steel and power through backward and forward integration. Our business operations are expanded in major areas throughout the country. JBS believes in selling quality steel which is environment friendly. The steel that we bring to our customers is of low maintenance but with an endurance of a long time. Our company’s legacy is to “MAKE YOUR CONSTRUCTION STRONGER” as when the foundation is strong, we tend to grow continuously and steadily along with our associates.

We are moving forward every year by capitalizing on several opportunities and resulting in the expansion of business in different segments. The growth of the company is the result of powerful leadership and our relationship with our customers, suppliers, associates, and employees. We are the first generation of entrepreneurs with a vision to provide excellent services and exceed our clientele’s expectations. We are also one of the major distributors of Jindal Steels. Jai Bajrang Steels aim to offer quality services. To strive for better and achieve desired results our company continuously works on bringing improvements in our regular processes and matching industry standards.

Jai Bajrang Steels’ indigence to deliver the top quality is inspired by Panther. The animal is known for its vigilance and determination. Like a panther, JBS is also vigilant and strong to come through with its promise in providing excellent services. We love what we do and that is why we do it more zest and energy. JBS endeavors to be prime distributors, meanwhile strengthening the company’s base by serving our customers with infrastructural development. The products provided by our company are of the utmost quality and best in the segment. We are a futuristic company posed to be the prime distributor of steel across the country.


At Jai Bajrang Steels, our aim is to reach at a stage where we achieve zero discharge at our plants and reduce the carbon footprint. The raw materials that we are using goes in the process of melting and stainless steel can be recycled to its maximum capacity. Our aim is to reduce the consumption of natural resources at our plants. We also strive to minimize gas, chemical as well as solid waste that is generated in the process.

Our plants and factories are fully equipped with treatment systems that captures as well as clean the fumes that are generated while making of steel and other products that we are offering. The waste gas, and material that comes out are dedusted and are purified before emitting into the environment. Also, the fumes which are generated from other processes are duly scrubbed.

We ensure due diligence and compliance is done with our raw materials. Jai Bajrang Steels also ensures that measures are taken into establishing sustainable steel.

Our core values


We are responsible and always sensitive towards the environment and communities, ensuring that we give back double fold to the society in which we work and show that their support motivates us.


We constantly strive to aim and achieve the highest standards in our daily activities and maintain the quality of goods and services that we provide.


Our Company believes in working cohesively with our employees, suppliers, partners, and associates, building long-lasting relationships based on cooperation and understanding.


We conduct our business fairly with full honesty and transparency.


We must be compassionate, caring, show respect and humanity towards our colleagues as well as customers all over the world, and work always for the benefit of the communities that we serve.