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TMT Rebars are integral to every construction project. During construction TMT rebars and concrete complement each other in a way that Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC) structure can be moulded into any desired shape, with the rebars providing the requisite tensile strength to withstand the load.

What is Jindal Panther?

For the first time in history, JSPL has done product branding, and has forayed into retail with the launch of Jindal PantherTM TMT Rebars. These rebars are technically advanced thermo-mechanically treated and are different from the rest owing to the state of the art manufacturing HYQST technology from the leaders in the rebar production M/S MORGAN CONSTRUCTION COMPANY (NOW SIEMENS) of USA.

What is TMT?

TMT steel bars compliments “Reinforced Cement Concrete” (RCC) which has become an integral part of every structure, be it a multi-storeyed building, a tunnel, a flyover, or a TV tower.With TMT, RCC can be moulded into any desired shape with which the steel rebars will gain the ability to withstand any load made to act upon them.These unnecessary forces can be developed by any live or dead load acting upon the structures thus causing loss of life and property.In order to secure the creations of mankind and to make them ever lasting for generations to come, the steel rebars should conform to the best in class quality standards.

What are the available grades and sizes of Jindal Panther TMT Rebars?

JSPL 500D high strength rebars conforms to IS 1786:2008, Fe 500D & Fe 550D, grade in normal EQR (Earthquake Resistant) & CRS (Corrosion Resistant) quality and Fe600 grade. JSPL TMT is available in 6-50(mm)(6,8,10,12,16,20,25,28,32,36,40,45,50), where 6-12 mm is available in coil as well as straight form.

What is HYQST?

High Yield Quenching and Self Tempering (HYQST) is an internationally renowned technology from Siemens, USA for manufacturing TMT Rebar which employs a special split style nozzle cooling process for producing fine grain multiphase composite Rebar, having superior strength and ductility.

How are Jindal Panther TMT Rebars produced?

Jindal PantherTM
TMT Rebars are hot rolled from cast billets and are subjected to microprocessor controlled thermo-mechanical treatment in following three stages:

Step 1: Quenching
The hot rolled bar leaves the finishing mill stand at 1050 deg Celsius which is rapidly quenched by special split style nozzle cooling process. The quenching converts the billet’s surface layer to martensite, which causes it to shrink. The shrinkage pressurises the core helping it to form the correct crystal structures, while the core remains hot and austenitic.

Step 2: Self Tempering
The bar leaves the quench box with a temperature gradient through its cross section and as the bar cools, heat flows from the bar centre to its surface and the bar heat and pressure correctly tempers an intermediate ring of martensite and bainite.

Step 3: Atmospheric Cooling
Finally, the slow cooling after quenching automatically tempers the austenitic core to ferrite and pearlite on the cooling bed , which now has a strong and tough , tempered martensite on the surface layer of the bar :an intermediate layer of tough martensite and bainite and a refined , ductile ferrite and pearlite core.

What are the USPs of Jindal Panther TMT Rebars?

The following points give Jindal PantherTM TMT Rebars an advantage over their competitors:

  • Weight/unit length: Jindal PantherTM TMT Rebars are rolled in negative tolerance zone promising same strength than similar TMT of the same sectional properties.
  • Bond Strength: Jindal PantherTM TMT Rebars have uniform and precise parallel rib pattern, ensuring excellent bonding with concrete, which provides superior strength to the buildings.
  • Dimensions: Jindal PantherTM TMT Rebars have close dimensional tolerance, superior surface finish, standard weights, lengths as mentioned in the standards and uniform & precise rib pattern.
  • Bendability: Jindal PantherTM TMT Rebars have high elongation which means that the TMT bars are capable of absorbing large amount of energy by plastic deformation before undergoing failure by fracture – a boon for ductile constructions in the seismic zones.
  • Weld-ability: Jindal PantherTM TMT Rebars have low carbon equivalent and is directly related to hydrogen induced cold cracking which is the most common weld defect for steel. Higher concentration of carbon and other alloying element tend to increase hardness and decrease weld-ability.
  • Corrosion Resistant: Jindal PantherTM TMT Rebars have minimum or negligible residual stresses in order to prevent any chance of rusting. And also by micro-alloying with small amount of Cr and Cu besides low C content, coupled with the state-of-the-art rolling technology , which imparts excellent corrosion resisting properties in the TMT bars.
  • Earthquake Resistance: Jindal PantherTM TMT Rebars have high UTS/YS ratio which signifies that steel is capable of elongating to a large extent when loaded beyond yield point as in the situation of an earthquake. It is with this view that some of the international specifications stipulate fairly high values for the UTS / YS ratio
  • Durability & Strength: Jindal PantherTM TMT Rebars have very low level of Sulphur and Phosphorous as they reduce the strength of the material and make them brittle. Excess level of S can lead to hot shortness wherein the melting point of steel gets lowered, thus making steel more prone to failure under extreme high temperature conditions. Excess level of P can lead to cold shortness wherein the steel undergoes brittle fracture while working in extremely cold condition and thus becomes more prone to cracking.
  • Cost Savings: Jindal PantherTM TMT Rebars have high UTS/YS ratio and high elongation which results in lesser consumption of the similar TMT of the same sectional properties but with low UTS/YS ratio and lesser elongation. As per studies TMT with high strength saves about 10-12% than corresponding lesser strength TMT.
  • Process Route: Jindal PantherTM TMT Rebars are produced using the superior and clean steel billets produced at JSPL, Raigarh through the BF+DRI-EAF-LRF-CCM route with highly controlled steel chemistry with very low levels of sulphur and phosphorus (less than 0.035%), and very low levels of inclusion and tramp elements.

Why Jindal Panther TMT Rebars should be preferred over other TMTs?

Jindal PantherTM TMT Rebars are produced using the superior and clean steel billets produced at JSPL, Raigarh through the BF+DRI-EAF-LRF-CCM route with highly controlled steel chemistry, very low levels of sulphur and phosphorus (less than 0.035%), and very low levels of inclusion and tramp elements. Our Steel making and TMT manufacturing process has to pass through strict quality control norms in our laboratories, which are NABL (National Accreditation Board of Laboratories) certified, which confirms the purity and quality in Jindal PantherTM TMT Rebars.

Can Jindal Panther TMT Rebars be bought in pieces?

Jindal PantherTM TMT Rebars are sold in retail shops only in pieces.

What is the advantage of buying Jindal Panthe TMT Rebars in pieces?

Jindal PantherTM TMT Rebars in pieces offer you the following advantages:

  • Guaranteed weight in each piece.
  • Procure exact pieces as recommended by designer/architecture.
  • Avoids wastages in sites as exact number of pieces is purchased.
  • Guarantees customer satisfaction by reduction in delays and reduces labour cost.
  • Jindal PantherTM TMT Rebars are delivered to the customers at free of cost.

What is the misconception about the reddish colour of the superior quality of Jindal Panther

Often due to the interaction of the rebar with moisture and air, the surface of the rebar develops a reddish colour which is being misunderstood as corrosion. In fact, reddish rebar can be used for construction without any hesitation, as long as they are in proper physical shape, weight and strength.

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