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TMT Footing should have a minimum depth of 150mm for footing on soil, and minimum 300mm above the top of piles for footing on piles. Minimum clear cover for footings is generally 50mm.

Almost every structure comes with its own unique requirements of design while Jindal PantherTM TMT Rebars are manufactured as per standard specifications. The practice of cutting and bending them at construction site to meet individual requirements can be labour intensive, time consuming and results in enormous material wastage.

Recognizing the need for a customized solution, Jindal Steel and Power has introduced ready-to-use Cut and Bend rebars. At its Cut and Bend Mill, that employs the latest Italian technology, rebars are customized to lengths and bends at required angles, in order to meet the project requirements. This fast and efficient service is capable of managing inventories better by reducing material wastage and production costs, apart from ensuring aesthetically superior clean and strong bars, which are made available right at the site.

Product details

Position: Interior, Exterior
Diameter: 10mm, 12mm
Delivery Period: 0-2 Days
Unit Length: All standard lengths

Advantage of using Cut & Bend Rebars

TMT Footing should have a minimum depth of 150mm for footing on soil, and minimum 300mm above the top of piles for footing on piles. Minimum clear cover for footings is generally 50mm.

The importance of footing:

  • Footings are the only and only mode of transfer of building load to underneath soil.
  • Footings, once laid, are a part of substructure and can’t be repaired or changed in an entire lifespan of the building.

PANTHER Footing:

To minimize the fabrication mistakes at a site, as well as to speed up the construction, and more importantly, to relieve you from unnecessary hassles, JINDAL PANTHER introduces “PANTHER Footing” – prefabricated rebar kit. These ready to fix kits are available at JINDAL PANTHER dealer counters in select cities in 10 mm and 12 mm diameter. The availability of various sizes is at our retail network.


  • Machine made with accurate shape and size
  • No need of power connection at site for cutting rebars
  •  No on-site bending required
  • No microcracks on the bends as proper mandrels are used
  •  Zero wastage of cut lengths
  • Available in ready to use bundles at Dealers
  • Need only 2 days to finish foundation

Footing Sizes:

  • 1.3 meter used in 4’*4′ footing
  • 1.45 meter used in 4.5’*4.5′ footing
  • 1.6 meter used in 5’*5′ footing
  • 1.9 meter used in 6’*6′ footing

What is a foundation

Any house building structure can be divided into two components:

  •  Superstructure – Part of structure which is above ground level
  • Substructure/Foundation – Part of structure which is below ground level

Foundation generally comprises of three components:

  • Footing
  • Column
  • Tie beam

About us

In this near 18 million tonne market, India’s one of the best-known rebar brand is JINDAL PANTHER. The rebar brand from Jindal Steel is the prominent ISP controlling one of the largest pie of the market. The brand sells through an established network of nearly 1600 dealers across India.

JINDAL PANTHER offers a wide range of rebars. JINDAL PANTHER 550D grade was developed for heavy-duty structures. These rebars provide superior strength even as they reduce the quantum of steel required. The Fe 550 D grade of steel ensures minimum sulphur and phosphorous content leading to fewer harmful impurities in the steel. Jindal Panther product in Fe500S grade are specially designed for construction in seismic prone zones. Its superior ductility ensures that it has more pliability and hence, can be bent to a much larger extent. That is, it has a higher threshold of ultimate tensile strength.
PANTHER Footing is prefabricated rebar kit available in 10mm and 12mm diameter. JINDAL PANTHER Footing are manufactured through automatic & sophisticated machines, using strictest quality control to ensure consistency, quality & accurate dimensions.

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